Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or the global network of connected objects, is currently growing at a rapid and almost explosive pace. The rapid expansion of the IoT is going to reshape all industries but will specifically affect data center facilities by introducing a need to implement strategies and products that are IoT specific.

Pergravis has identified two solutions that data center facility managers and professionals can implement to meet IoT expansion needs. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and integrating Edge Computing Systems and Technologies will both be instrumental in navigating the IoT expansion that is on the horizon.

IoT Product/Solution offerings:

  • DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management)
  • Edge Computing Systems and Technologies


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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) allows managers to take the data provided by environmental sensors and preventative maintenance technicians and turn it into planning and strategies for more efficient system operations. As the IoT continues to grow, data center professionals need to make sure they’re utilizing all of the tools available to them to keep their facilities functioning at optimum capacity.

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Edge Computing Systems and Technologies

Edge Computing is the concept that with the expansion of IoT, micro data centers will need to be deployed near workloads to serve as storage units for content that is in high demand and to ensure there is no delay between the content and the user.

As the IoT grows over the next five years infrastructure requirements will be determined by the location of the customer or device and the need to ensure that there is no delay in communications. This switch in data center demand will make data center facilities mission critical at all levels.

The term Edge Computing translates literally as data moves to the edge of the network. To prepare for this transition Pergravis offers a micro data solution. Pergravis’ micro data center solution will specialize in edge computing and is being built and priced affordably with customizable options that will fit any customers facility and communication needs.

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