Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the definition of ‘Data Center’? Data Center applies to spaces specifically designed and equipped to meet the needs of high density computing equipment such as server racks used for data storage and processing. Typically these facilities require dedicated uninterruptible power supplies and cooling systems. Often Data Centers are free-standing, mission-critical computing centers. When a Data Center is located within a larger building, it usually has its own power and cooling systems. It is also common to have raised floor space to facilitate equipment cooling.
  2. What does ‘Mission-Critical’ mean? A mission critical system is a system that is essential to the survival of a business or organization. When a mission critical system fails or is interrupted, business operations are significantly impacted. Mission essential equipment and mission critical application are also known as mission critical system.
  3. What does ‘Critical Power’ mean? “Critical” power or “IT load” often refers to the data center load that is consumed or is dedicated to IT equipment such as servers, storage equipment and communications switches and routers. Power for lighting or cooling the data center is excluded from “critical” power. It’s important for an end user to understand their critical load as the data center – whether managed internally or outsourced – will be sized based on the current or expected amount of critical power.
  4. What are the key facility infrastructure components involved in a data center project?
    • Geographic Regional considerations
    • Site
    • Architectural/Plan
    • Structural
    • Electrical
    • Fire Protection
    • Mechanical
    • Security
  5. Why is data center periodic, preventative and predictive maintenance so important? Regular preventive maintenance can reduce the chance of failure, reduce the amount of energy consumed and extend equipment lifetime. The original equipment manufacturers (OEM) recommended preventive maintenance is a good place to start.
  6. We need a data center manual that is comprehensive and practical for day-to-day usage, is this something you could write for us and if so, who do we contact? We will gladly help with writing a data center manual that is comprehensive and specific to your site. Please contact us at for more information.
  7. What is an ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ (OEM)? An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that produces parts and equipment. OEMs have access to proprietary software that could be used with specific parts and equipment and an OEM is going to know their product better than anyone else. The benefit to contracting with Pergravis to work with an OEM is that we partner with every OEM in our industry and handle the management and coordination of scheduling and work which can sometimes be difficult and time consuming because OEMs are so busy.
  8. What is bypass air flow? Bypass air flow robs precision cooling systems of efficiency due to chilled air leaks, cool air/warm air mixing at the rack level, unbalanced air distribution systems, poor cable plant configuration, poor cable management and inefficient data center configuration. We highly recommend bypass air flow remediation as the first step in correcting data center cooling performance issues.
  9. What is bypass air flow remediation? Bypass air flow remediation is ensuring that a data center is using hot aisle, cold aisle configuration appropriately so that precision cooling systems are working optimally.
  10. What is a hot aisle, cold aisle configuration? For years, IT managers have deployed their servers and IT equipment in hot and cold aisles. In such a scenario, the front side of two rows of equipment racks face each other and draw cool air into each rack’s equipment intake. As such, the back side of two rows each expel hot air into the hot aisle. This simple arrangement can save a data center hugely on efficiency and resources by allowing the precision cooling system to work as intended.
  11. What is the remaining capacity on my UPS and other critical electrical infrastructure? This is a question we get often regarding load capacity on UPS, breakers and other electrical infrastructure especially when adding or removing a piece of equipment. This is an assessment service that Pergravis offers were we can come in and assess the loads on all infrastructures and then set up a spread sheet that a facilities team could manage in the similar fashion to a check book. Start with what each infrastructure piece is carrying for a load and then as equipment is added or removed keep them a running tally of remaining capacity. For more information on this service please reach out to us at
  12. What are data center redundancies and why are they important? Data center redundancies are important because they ensure a continuation of power for the critical infrastructure to continue working. Redundancies typically seen in a data center include batteries, generators or even in some cases their own power supply. Data centers need to ensure that redundancies are in place to keep everything working no matter what, so if power goes down the redundancies can kick in until its restored to keep everything running as normal with no down time. Downtime in a mission critical facility can cost a company thousands or millions of dollars and anytime a data center isn’t running it’s also a cost on the investment of a data center. Redundancies are in place to ensure that a company never runs into a downtime disaster. For more information on redundancy installation, products and services contact
  13. If I am not sure what sort of data center cooling to select for my data center can you help me? Absolutely! No matter what kind of precision cooling system you are considering we have the experience and expertise to advise you on best options and best practices and can also provide a full assessment for your data center to outline your specific needs. Just contact and we will connect you with the correct expert.
  14. What other assessments do you offer? Outside of air flow remediation we offer various assessments from data center system assessments to property condition assessments and everything in between. We also offer a wide variety of feasibility studies and consulting services. Contact with all of your assessment, consulting and feasibility questions and an expert will promptly follow up with you. Our experts are also have the availability to consult on any project and can assist with planning and budgeting needs.
  15. We have a need for a data center build or re-build can you help with the design? Our data center experts have the ability to design and plan any data center. Whether it be a new build or a re-build in an existing facility we can help. For more information on our planning, design and assessments please contact us at
  16. We need help selecting a site for our data center, can you help? We are happy to offer site assessment as a service. Contact us at and we will be happy to assist you throughout your site selection process.
  17. We have our data center design and site, what do you suggest we do as a first step? Have a data center expert review the design. It always makes sense to validate your data center design and/or any associated documentation, specification and details against the applicable standards and industry best practice to rectify any compliance issues before getting into the implementation stage.
  18. We are doing a data center retrofit project in an existing building and want to know which space/floor will be best for our data center; can you help us with this process? This is another type of site assessment we offer as a service. Contact us at and we will be happy to assist you throughout your site selection process.
  19. How does disaster recovery play into my overall data center solution? A disaster recovery plan is essential to your overall data center solution. We have seen again and again the mentality of its not going to happen to me or my facility until it does. We’ve been contacted by clients again and again that ask us days or hours before a disaster could occur such as a hurricane requesting us to instruct them on what to do and the reality is, planning needs to be a constant preparation. Prepare your staff, have a plan in place and ready to execute at a moment’s notice. Pergravis is happy to work with any data center to create a disaster recovery plan, contact us at for more information.
  20. Do you offer data center migration/relocation services? For any data center migration and relocation, Pergravis has the expertise and experience to accomplish the most complex movies. Data Center migration and relocation is a comprehensive process that requires systematic planning for migrating and relocating the existing data center to a new facility or site. The Pergravis team has over two decades of migration and relocation ex- perience allowing our team to think of every detail, complete a migration on time and to ensure the best quality of materials and support.
  21. What is data center decommissioning? Pergravis assists data centers in decommissioning and disposing of electronic equipment, cooling systems, and infrastructure. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the precautions, governmental regulations, and disposal methods associated with this unique service.
  22. Do you offer data center decommissioning services? Decommissioning can be an intense process when closing, moving or consolidating a data center. During decommission we can offer solutions to help achieve compliance, mitigate risk and reduce waste. Our services for decommissioning span from strategic and logistical planning, to waste, disposal and, recycling of materials to site restoration. Pergravis specializes in data destruction and privacy when removing any components from a facility. We follow all standards and best practices to ensure information is destroyed securely. For more information about our decommissioning services please email us at
  23. What products do you sell? We offer a wide variety of electrical, mechanical, life safety and physical security products. We also offer products to support the Internet of Things (IoT) such as edge computing technologies. Pergravis also offers a Turn Key Data Center Solution. For more information on our products, see our ‘products page’ (hyperlink to products landing page on website) or email us at
  24. What government contract vehicles do you have? Pergravis has several government contract vehicles. Our contract vehicles include GSA schedule 70, GSA contract 03FAC and ACC ARDEC Blank Purchase Agreement. For more information on these contracts, see our ‘contracts page’ (hyperlink to contractspage on website) or email us at