Pioneering new data center hubs

It's easy to underestimate the power of data centers to transform communities. Not only can they be built in a variety of spaces new or an adaptive reuse of an existing non-technical facility, they also create jobs and provide new sources of revenue, sometimes in areas where traditional industry has faded. Data centers can be transformational and a boon for cities and towns as well as the companies that build them. Often, the low cost of building data hubs in sleepy local economies makes those areas favorable for IT innovation.

Here are some things enterprise operators should look for when they search for new locations to build a data center:

  • Space. This is of the utmost importance. Despite the shrinking size of servers and higher density storage systems, the ability to scale for growth is critical to the selection of a site for construction or installation. Maxing out capacity in the beginning leaves little room for expansion, so areas where acreage or space is a bargain are valuable to tech leaders.
  • Intellectual capital. Many rural areas aren't very far from academic centers like universities, where thought leadership is abundant. This creates a steady flow of potential interns, employees and partners with advanced knowledge about data, IT infrastructure and the tech industry. Proximity to the minds and hands needed to make data centers operate is an added bonus for certain communities.
  • Natural resources. On this blog, we've discussed the need to power and cool data centers at length. Some critics have suggested the tech-rich Silicon Valley has overdrawn its resources in the water-strapped state of California. Selecting a locale where the politics and realities of cooling water supply and abundant, affordable electrical power aren't a factor can reduce headaches from rationing and utility austerity efforts.

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