Data centers aim to use less power

Data centers use a lot of power. It's not light work to keep operations going 24/7 to serve clients, partners and proprietors. Over time, the development of energy-efficient enterprise hardware (servers, storage, network equipment) has helped reduce the carbon footprint of data centers, although experts say there's still more work to be done. Major companies have fallen in line to reduce the overall emissions of tech operations.

"Announcements of investment in huge renewable-energy projects by web-scale data center operators like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple are becoming more and more frequent as they try to deliver on their carbon-neutrality commitments," writes Yevgeniy Sverdlik of Data Center Knowledge. "The household-name tech giants are not the only ones in their sector investing in renewables, but they are in the group of companies that drive the bulk of the spending."

If your enterprise hopes to make the most of renewable energy resources, it may be challenging to know where to start. First of all, renewables aren't easily available in every market of the country. Second, most small and medium sized data center enterprises lack the resources for a do-it-yourself approach to green energy. The installation of solar panels, for instance, can only go so far to improve the overall carbon footprint of a standalone center.

Working with experts can help reduce your monthly and annual energy spend, lowering utility bills and making your facility greener.

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