About Us

Pergravis is a mission critical facility service firm that supports technology-dependent organizations with their facility assessment, design, improvement, maintenance, management and operational needs. Our highly experienced team holds a wealth of expertise in the areas of electrical distribution, UPS, generation, precision cooling and associated systems that comprise the foundation of all modern mission critical facilities. Because we support data centers, network operations centers, call centers and other facilities that must operate without interruption, we understand the importance of uptime and the constant care, attention and maintenance required to ensure critical systems remain operational week after week, year after year.

The Pergravis approach to service delivery employs a straight forward, phased model that ensures each phase is executed on the solid foundation of the preceding phase. This methodology provides a highly structured framework for project execution. Utilizing this phased approach, Pergravis provides our customers with the physical infrastructure solutions and services that best fit their organization’s needs. We work diligently to ensure our customer’s facilities operate in accordance with their design specifications. Our global delivery model provides this world-class service to our customers regardless of location.

Our passion for this line of work is reflected in our attention to detail and the fact that we care more. Ultimately, everything we do, from all phases of our work to the knowledge we pass on to our customers, to our superior customer service, is a testament to our commitment to customer success.


Mission Statement

Pergravis management paradigm has one guiding principle: “Always do the right thing for the customers”. While this may sound trite in today’s hyper-competitive world, it is the foundation upon which Pergravis is built and a belief that is closely held by the firm’s ownership, management, and workforce.

In practice, doing the right thing means eliminating gray areas that represent risk and driving to a clearly defined, black and white understanding of requirements and issues where choices are clear and decisions can be made rapidly and objectively. This is accomplished through our staffing members who demonstrate an intense intellectual curiosity and the ability to think critically couples with aggressive data fathering and in-depth analysis.

Definition of Pergravis

Pergravis: Orig. Latin, per•gravis, e, adj. “of great importance or concern”